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Meares Glacier

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Light is essential when photographing glaciers. In bright sunlight the contrasts are just too high and when the weather is very cloudy there is hardly any contrast at all. It makes exposure and correction something of a challenge. But any way in which the light manifests itself, the views remain stunning at all times!

The Meares Glacier is an active tidewater glacier and flows down from the mountains in the Chugach National Forest. The terminus is situated at the end of the Unawik Inlet, a long narrow fjord in Prince William Sound.The only route to this glacier is over water. We made the trip to the glacier twice and it remains breathtaking when the boat sails just in front of the 1 mile wide and 180 feet high ice wall. The only sound you hear is the cracking of the ice and the thunder, as chunks of ice slowly crumble and collapse into the bay. Although some huge chunks of ice break off Meares Glacier, it is one of the few glaciers in this region that is still growing.

Glaciers and photography

For information about glacier cruising:

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During summer you can make cruises to the glacier out of the city of Valdez.,+alaska&hl=nl&ll=61.239853,-147.417297&spn=0.749288,2.458191&sll=61.785786,-147.925415&sspn=0.184062,0.614548&vpsrc=6&hnear=Meares+Glacier&t=h&z=9