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Hubbard Glacier

Impression of a glacier cruise adventure!

The largest tidewater glacier in Alaska

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Cruising is the way to experience the untained Alaskan Inside Passage. Snow-capped mountains, deep fjords and dense forest form the backdrop for this spectacular area. And the largest tidewater glacier in North America ends in the sea in this area.It's early in the morning when our ship, plagued by a persistent fog, sets sail to the Yakutat Bay toward Disenchantement Bay. The captain forewarns us that we are unlikely to come close to the glacier because of the fog.But after one hour the fog clears up and we come face to face with a vast landscape of glowing blue ice!The ice that we see here is estimated te be 400 years old. That's how long it takes for the ice to descend here from the mountains.We hold our breath as a huge chunk of glacier ice caves in and collapses into the bay. It sounds like a heavy thunderstorm!Cruising to the Hubbard Glacier made an unforgetable impression on us!Take a seat in the Album-editions theatre and experience this glacier cruise adventure!

The Hubbard Glacier is the largest and most active tidewater glacier in Alaska. At the terminus, the point where the glacier ends in Disenchantment Bay, the ice wall is 6 miles wide.The glacier, with a total surface area of 1,400 sq miles begins its 76 mile long journey to the sea on the slopes of Mount Logan, the highest mountain in Canada, part of the largest non-polar icefields in the world.

Photography: Michel Hammann Original soundtrack composed by: Jeroen Hammann,+Alaska,+United+States&hl=nl&ll=59.998299,-139.483795&spn=0.389345,1.229095&sll=52.469397,5.509644&sspn=3.794958,9.832764&vpsrc=6&hnear=Hubbard+Glacier&t=h&z=10