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Alaska Adventures

Watching bears fishing for salmon, kayaking among the icebergs, hiking on impressive glaciers, walking in the footsteps of the gold prospectors, driving 100 miles over the unpaved Top of the World Highway to Yukon, flying over the most rugged landscapes of Alaska. These are just a selection of many adventure possibilities!Click on the Alaska Adventure of your choice for an impression! For more background stories: CLICK HERE

Click on an image in the webgallery for a fullscreen impression and the background stories.

"Wild, remote and exceedingly beautiful, Alaska is truly the last frontier"

(John Muir)

Alaska Adventures

Bear Adventure Kaykak Adventure Glacier hiking (1) Glacier hiking (2) Glacier hiking (3)

Sailing through a labyrinth of icebergs

Top of the World Highway

In the footsteps of the gold seekers

FlightseeingAdventure (1)

FlightseeingAdventure (2)